Chronic preview is the resident DJ at Клуб (pronounced 'club', also informally known as Kisloty), which dubbed by DAZED as 'the wildest club in Russia' and also a member of Symeba Miyako party series.

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg he really inspired by Salon des Amateurs soundings. So nothing surprising that he prefer slowdance, a lot of percussions mixed with deep ritual, ethnic and time to time dark motive. His sound is different and jump easily from genre to genre even if this really risky.

During the last 12 month he has played at Säule, the Urvakan festival in Yerevan, the Present Perfect festival in Saint - Petersburg, the Mutabor club in Moscow and more.

Playing with his own "shadow" while DJing, Nikita (the real name) is trying to make his sets more interesting, sometimes through the chaos, sometimes through the groovy vibes, sometimes through experiment. Actually he never knows how this story will end.