Evgeny Mashkov is Moscow based DJ, promoter, ideologist of music promo-group System 108 and founder of media artists community True Light Crew. Having started his career in 2008, Mashkov has gone from being a house DJ to a passionate adept of techno, electro and experimental music, which gives him absolute control over the atmosphere on every dance floor. He is especially known for his long afternoon sessions, which usually provide clubbers with new energy. Despite the digital revolution, Mashkov is still faithful to vinyl: he brings several new records from each journey and later carefully compiles them in tracklists.

Since 2010, Mashkov had been a resident dj of the legendary Vanilla Ninja club, and after its closure he established promo-community System 108. Now Mashkov is one of the key figures of Russian club culture, involved in several important parties and festivals. He loves going beyond one genre and improvise: for example, at TEST 8 event he unexpectedly played a live show with True Light Crew, and at GATE festival he founded new band OHAE with producer Pavel Afanasiev.

The spirit of freedom, diversity of musical genres and experiments with event formats are an important part of System 108 ideology. With constant success the team organizes big raves with world famous artists, exhibitions, audio-visual performances and chamber parties for inner circle of friends. In 2019, the community launched a series of vinyl releases and settled at the new Moscow power spot — the art center Mutabor.