Simple Symmetry feat. Lord Fascinator 'Czars In My Eyes'
(Digital + vinyl with remixes)

23.09.2022 | S108-009S | System 108

Resident Advisor

Simple Symmetry feat. Lord Fascinator
'Czars In My Eyes'
Simple Symmetry is a project by the Lipsky brothers. Sweating hard in garage bands, the two would dedicate nights to dance sets, breaking the boundaries of the commercial club culture with a fresh psychedelic sound, — a real commitment back in the day and a guarantee for a hard but exciting time breaking through.

24/7 record digging, music making and dreaming evoked some serious energies and friendships, resulting in records and releases on Multi Culti (curated by Thomas Von Party ) and Dischi Autunno (by Jennifer Cardini). Simple Symmetry remixes Nicola Cruz, Adam Port, Polo&Dan and also underground acts like Balagan, Autarkic, Drugface, Gaye Su Akyol to name a few. The ride becomes wild and the tour dates epic: DC10, Life and Death at ADE and OFFSónar, Opium Club, Mexico and India tours, gigs in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, Tel-Aviv… Culmination of the pre-covid era for Simple Symmetry became their collaboration heavy debut LP, 'Sorry, We Did Something Wrong', where Sepultura's Igor Cavalera beats the drums, C.A.R holds the mic.

In 2022 Simple Symmetry arrives on System 108 as residents, opening a new chapter of their fantastic journey in music with an epic track 'Czars In My Eyes' featuring Lord Fascinator. Early DJ support comes from The Blessed Madonna, Acid Arab, Erol Alkan, Jennifer Cardini, OPTIMO — in anticipation of an upcoming remix EP, scheduled for early 2023.